Wednesday, May 10, 2006

it's about time

I've been resisting writing a blog for a few years. In the beginning, I believe it was because I was intimidated by the idea of posting my writing for all to see and judge. Then I started writing for money, and learned how to disassociate from my writing (both a good and a bad thing). Once I got over that hurdle, I started creating excuses for not starting a blog - do I have enough time (I never have enough time); really, who would want to read what I write (who cares - isn't keeping a blog supposed to be cathartic anyway?); am I really arrogant enough to believe that there is a place in the public sphere for my writing (considering the democratization of communication courtesy of the Internet, it's not arrogant at all); and most recently - and probably the excuse that carries the most truth - can I commit to posting regularly (yup, commitment issues galore)?

So I decided to satisfy my ego, express my emotions (you poor sods), exercise my democratic rights, and test my ability to commit. But having resisted for so long, I needed to devise an excuse for blogging. I wanted a creative outlet. So here it is: this is where I'll chat pure lyric.

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skyscraper said...

hey lyric,

i'd simply like to welcome you to the enticing, fun, powerful, captivating, addicting and sometimes evil, but still very necessary and progress-driving blogworld. it is cathartic, too, you're right. and within my only two months of blogging i've already met some most incredible, strong, radical and empowering people here, of unthinkably different backgrounds and affiliations. people that i feel we're already friends with; people that i most likely would never have met in my 'real' life.

i'm so thankful for this.

you're right also though about the time and committment--i'm eternally torn between my blog and tons of other shit to do. BUT, when i'm able to make it out here, i feel blessed.

and cool peeps do understand that sometimes real life happens and one's gotta take a break. they just can't wait for you to get back. ;)

anyhow: nice to meet ya!